LEVEL UP Business Event and Blockchain Event & GALA

Sparkafrik in Partnership with Aferverse, 'The Entrepreneur, and Light Company are pleased to announce this Years' Business, Blockchain and Web3 event themed "LEVEL UP 2023* under the patronage of the H.E Mr Philemon Yang, Grand Chancellor of National Orders, H.E Obi Cubana, Chairman of the Cubana Trading Group, The President of The Cameroon Football Federation, H.E Samuel Eto Fils and The CEO of Rainbow Sports Global Mr Kingsley Pungong. This event is slated to take place in Yaounde from May 5th to 7th 2023. Level Up 2023 will bring together thousands of entrepreneurs of different business extractions, spanning technology, real estate, entertainment, banking, media, Blockchain and Web3. With established entrepreneurs from across Africa and the globe as speakers for a two-day business event and networking opportunity. ending with a grand gala slated to take place on Saturday the 6th of May.

Everything we do will be focused on delivering on our objectives, mission and vision. In this Light, two days will be focused on trainings and workshops from top Tech-preneurs, Diplomats, bankers, realtors, entrepreneurs and Personal Development experts with 20 - 30 mins sessions, on some key topics in business, entrepreneurship, banking, blockchain/Technology, NFTs, Web3, Real Estate and Personal development.

The schedule will feature eight (08) speakers per day. Four (04) sessions in the morning and Four (04) sessions in the afternoon. We will crown it all by having a grand Gala night on the evening of the 2nd (May 6th) day where we will have lots of entertainment, networking. Speeches from partners, as well as Eating & Drinking.

About us

Our Vision:

To empower and equip the next generation of young leaders in business, Finance, governance, technology and sports.

Our Mission

To create an environment where successful business leaders, corporate executives, professional entrepreneurs, leaders in technology and sports can provide mentorship to the next generation.

Our Objective:

  1. To impart the values of Integrity and excellence to the mindset and value set of young leaders.
  2. Create an opportunity for young leaders to network with captains of different industries.
  3. To bring together 5000 young young entrepreneurs, business executives and corporate and political leaders to network and share ideas for sustainable growth, strategic business alliances as well as National prosperity.
  4. To create a platform for the birthing, grooming and maturing of new ventures and investment opportunities.
  5. To contribute to a more productive and value-driven socio-economic landscape in Cameroon.

Finally, on day three we will have a business breakfast between the speakers and a selected number of entrepreneurs to network and exchange ideas on various investment opportunities. It would be a great honor for us to have you, or your organisation as an official sponsor, Guest speaker, artist or MC of this event slated for the 5Th, 6th,and 7th, of May 2023. The Cameroonian business community are so eager to learn and connect with the new wave of technology and models of businesses in this 21st Century and your patronage will make all the difference.


We have Five class of Sponsors



  • 03 Busines Class Tickets
  • 05 VIP tickets for event
  • 10 Standard Tickets for event
  • One VIP Table at gala(10 seats)
  • Masive Logo on Backdrop
  • Logo on all Marketing Materials
  • Press Mentions
  • Access to all speakers and resources
  • 30mins Speaking slot at event
  • 10min Speaking slot at gala event
  • Exhibition Booth or Table at Event
  • Exhibition Booth or Table at Gala
  • Accommodation for upto five
  • Transportation while in cameroon
  • Feeding while in cameroon for upto five

2. GOLD SPONSOR-$10,000:


  • 02 Busines Class Tickets
  • 03 VIP tickets for event
  • 05 Standard Tickets for event
  • One VIP Table at gala(05 seats)
  • Good size Logo on Backdrop
  • Logo on all Marketing Materials
  • Press Mentions
  • Access to all speakers and resources
  • 20mins Speaking slot at event
  • 10min Speaking slot at gala event
  • Exhibition Booth or Table at Event
  • Accommodation for two
  • Transportation while in cameroon
  • Feeding for two days



  • 01 Busines Class Tickets
  • 02 VIP tickets for event
  • 03 Standard Tickets for event
  • Shared VIP Table at gala(03 seats)
  • Logo on Backdrop
  • Logo on Marketing Materials
  • 20min Speaking slot at event only
  • Exhibition Table at Event only



  • 02 VIP tickets for event.
  • 02 Standard Tickets for event.
  • 02 Seats at gala event.
  • 10min Speaking slot at event
  • Exhibition Table at Event only
  • Featured on marketing materials

5. TABLES-$500:


  • 02 Standard Tickets for event.
  • 01 Seats at gala event.
  • Table for exhibition at event or gala only(must make a choice when buying)
  • Featured on marketing materials


  • All
  • MCs
  • Entertainers







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